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Kein persönliches Rekordjahr, aber darum geht es mir nicht primär.

Vibrate under your feet. Small but long settlement cracks in the inner walls. Frankfurt Everybody at a gathering in a 2nd floor apartment noticed it for sure.

Darmstadt, Riegerplatz Things kept on edge fell down. Our son was in tears Darmstadt 4. Nach ca.

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I'm from Campania, Italy, so I know what I'm talking about and immediately tought to an Earthquake because was a up-down vibration. Rossdorf First time i experienced an earthquake.

Or, what if it is in the process of ending? Maybe it will not be exactly unexpected, but it will be surprising that it happened under our very noses. In this essay I explore these somewhat In this essay I explore these somewhat counterintuitive issues.

Darmstadt 3. Stuttgart-Rohr I went to my neighbours in the 1st floor. They had not felt anything. Felt it while sitting on sofa.

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Outside it felt like an explosion. Mehrere kurze Rüttler am Haus. Einige Möbelstücke wackelten leicht.

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Everythig shaking. People run outside. Soaring noise seemed not to end.

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