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I got the car in and being already a long term MMEB fan at that time I decided to give it a special painting on the bonnet.


It was done by myself and I still think it was quite well. The pictures show the car at the morning when it was brought to the junkyard being a little bit damaged the evening before at a wedding party as party gag.

How do you like them?

  • Eingetragen von: Oeticket In the last two or three years several new artists have discovered the music of Manfred Mann and included it in their own work.
  • Überzeugte bereits ihr langjähriger Partner jüngst mit einem Album-Alleingang, der selige Erinnerungen weckte, so verbindet das gegenwärtige Williams-Wurzelwerk ebenso kunstvoll wie mühelos die wehe Vergangenheit mit einer trostspendenden Zukunft.
  • Bis bald meinm Suser!

Who is that with Lois? Reinhard's First Gig Hi Nigel, searching for material I've just found a picture of our very first gig on 13th September for the th Anniversary of the Gas- Electricity and Water Company - the company I'm working for. I found a short note on Platform End No.

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You can see my head on the right bottom I suppose. The Beatles or Silver Beatles or whatever they were called then played one of their first gigs in Litherland Town Hall, a stones throw away from mtb singletrails stuttgart Victorian Vicarage in which I lived and probably failed to grow up in for many years.

That is until it was demolished in favour of a much better and smaller new vicarage mostly made of paper and plastic.

As I love to remind her as often as possible as she is now very grown up and opera going, my sister fancied Paul Jones.

  • Dionysos war sein Gott oder in ritueller Pose aufzubegehren gegen Autoritäten.
  • Manfred mann singles in the sixties.
  • Aber auch musikalisch waren die Jungs auf der Höhe der Zeit.

To be fair, most hot blooded females fancied Paul Jones and many probably still do. Well unlike many, in fact most of the fans out there, I was a big fan of Manfred Mann in the sixties. As time went on, street cred became more and more threatened at a time in life when street cred was about the most important thing on earth other than sex and steam trains had dropped to a poor third.

This lead to conversations like "well you should hear the B-side, or didn't you see them playing cool Jazz on the Julie Felix show or catch the Wednesday play this week Manfred and Mike did the music. I was too young and innocent to know about the "Ski Full of Fitness Song" thank Godwe probably didn't have anything as healthy as yoghurts in our house. I did kinda of know that Klaus Voorman did the Hovis voice at the start of the commercial.

Oddly perhaps, that didn't crop up in conversations defending "My Name is Jack" against Creams latest.

Manfred Mann - Hit Singles

Things got better. Where are the guitars man? Even in recent times, big fans have accused poor Bernie Living of self indulgence In the last few years things have got little better. Now much older and wiser than back in the sixties I have learnt that "My Name is Jack" is in fact a well crafted and well performed pop song and when the mood is right can be enjoyable to the ear.

Do I want everyone to think I seksueel flirten my spare time to this kind of stuff. I should be so mature now that I don't care, but Partnersuche russland did never grow up, probably moving to a Vicarage made out of paper did that. What is more I hate the singletreff verden of it being seen as a nostalgia thing, I mean shit I like Dido, The Stereophonics, Oasis, modern you know bands man, oh and steam trains of course, but that's different isn't it?

So what I am trying to say is being a Manfred Mann fan has never been easy. It probably never will be.

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We have to wait years for a new album, no gigs in the UK. It sometimes seems that just about every band ever in the world has been on 'Later with Jools Holland', except Manfred Mann's Earth Band and there can't be many other bands with no video or DVD in the shops. Then there is Manfred himself.

Bandstory, die Geschichte von Gruppen und Interpreten

He will often dismiss whole tranches of his career. Whilst one of the things I like most about him is his desire to move on, change, evolve, not to stay the same it can also be very frustrating. So why not give up the whole thing and join the Wombles fan club for a bit of normality.

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Well I hope the Box Manfred mann singles in the sixties when it arrives which should be very soon answers not only that question but many others.

For your money you will get four CD's. I make no apology for the inclusion of some very familiar material.

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I know that there is a limit to how many "best ofs" I would buy. With that in manfred mann singles in the sixties, I have tried even for a little variety here. A new live version of "Davy" for example.

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Nevertheless CD's two and three, entitled "Hollywood Town" and "Brothers and Sisters" cover much familiar territory with the odd jem hidden away. These however are very personal to me the compiler.

Its what I like mostly on here, not always the great commercial tracks.


There was some debate whether to include "Blinded" or not, it has been on every recent compilation album to date. In the end I decided it had to be there if this was to be a true 30 years album. Along the journey you will hear for the first time music that was long believed to have been lost for ever.

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Not only is this music good, but for me it kinda fills the gap. CD's 2 and 3 feature a number of vocalists from the last 30 years including the late Steve Waller.