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Transcendental Gazes: Pornographic Images of Transmasculinity Abstract Pornographic or erotic imagery of transmasculinity — indeed, imagery of transmasculinity in general — is a phenomenon that single hard white bump scrotum not yet received much formal analysis, although its proliferation is at the moment better charted by month rather than by year.

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Studios such as Crashpad, Good Vibrations and Trannywood are producing numerous trans-themed porn movies; furthermore, an increasing amount of home-made footage of transmen masturbating and having sex is readily available on the video hosting service Xtube. In this chapter, I set out to investigate the grow- ing swathe of erotica featuring transmasculine subjects — and by that I mean subjects who identify themselves as singles elsterberg, transboys, FTM female-to-male transgender or transsexual people, or drag kings, or who otherwise correlate with some point[s] or other on the spectrum of transmasculinity.

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Not only does transmale zitate freunde kennenlernen provide a source of titil- lation, but it also operates as a heavily politicized subgenre that engages with the politics of gender identity and that derives for its subjects a sig- nificant striving towards visibility unprecedented in other pornographic representations — one of the most important elements of which is that it is so often produced within the transmale community.

Finn Jackson Ballard 7.

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In these films Mendes scrutinizes the normal -white middle-class masculinity and the white heterosexual nuclear family — casting a detailed and deliberate eye over what for many years has been discussed as being invisible through its very ubiquity and acceptance. This chapter argues that at the heart of this scrutiny is a re-appropriation of the gaze that, since colonial times, has viewed, categorized, constrained and marginalized people. Mendes re-turns this objective, distanced gaze onto the white centres of society, looking beneath what looks like the normal, to see the contradictions, doubts, conflicts and secrets underneath.

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What appears to be the privi- leged powerful position of white middle-class men is shown to be just one more position of oppression and repression. The male protagonists in the films are shown to be as powerless, confused, doubting, failing and marginalized as anyone else.

Antworten zu den verschiedenen Abriebklassen, Fugenfarben und ihrer Reinigung werden hier gegeben.

Ruth Heholt 8. This is a contradictory term, however, articulating the unfamiliar and the familiar, the known and the unknown, hidden and mysterious.

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Freud concludes that there is a hidden threat deeply rooted inside the apparently safe and known. Sigal Barkai 9.

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I often sacrificed well-balanced argument, research and refine- ments of style to the immediate interests of the formative context of the moment, the demands of polemic, or the economy of an idea or the shape and pattern of a thought. Until recently there seemed no point in collecting my articles together; on the contrary, to publish them between two covers seem to contradict my perception of my writing as essentially and necessarily ephemeral.

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In-Between Complicity and Subversion: D. Thomas came to public attention with his novel, The White Hotel, a story involving sex, Freudian psychoa- nalysis and the Holocaust.

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Five months ago she completed her three-year apprenticeship with Anne Bairsin, dame Philibert Mangin, and passed her qualifying examinations at the College of Surgery.