Videos da beyonce single ladies original

Post categories: Reviews Fraser McAlpine UK time, Monday, 2 February I've always thought that parentheses in song titles should be used with extreme caution, because they have a nasty habit of either changing the meaning of your song or rendering it utterly nonsensical.

When I first heard about this song, months ago before I'd actually heard it, it fell prey to the first one: "what the heck?

videos da beyonce single ladies original

That the only good woman is a married woman? Is feminism a dirty word to you, Knowles?

videos da beyonce single ladies original

It feels rather weird to be reviewing this song at this point in time, since it's been bothering the Top 10 since December, but release dates being what they are these days, it's not actually officially out until this week, so here is your somewhat delayed official ChartBlog take on the whole matter. Here's the video.

Damit vermehrt sich im deutschen Fernsehen nicht nur der Gebrauch des öden Romantikklischees langstielige Rose, sondern auch der des Wortes "Lady".

You may already have seen it. The song's actually buch flirten mit gott some degree of infamy, what with the Saturday Night Live spoof of the video starring a be-leotarded Justin Timberlake and the YouTube parody 'Single Lettuce' which we can't link to from here because the person who posted it has a naughty word in their usernamebut it's important to recognise its appeal independently of all that, in which case: it's excellent.

videos da beyonce single ladies original

It's essentially a burn on the rubbish ex for not making things more permanent when he had the chance, and therefore having absolutely no reason to complain now that she's out with someone else with a slight hint of "of course, if you were to change your mind now, I might think about it" videos da beyonce single ladies original in for good measure.

Although "like the post" would still have been more agreeable than the gratuitous name-checking of her own fashion line in the first verse.

It's all completely bonkers, but in the best way possible. If this is the sort of thing that comes from that Sasha Fierce alter-ego she's been going on about recently, I for one welcome our new overlord to such a degree that I am prepared to place this ring upon the CD. Download: Out now.

videos da beyonce single ladies original